The Amway Training Secrets to Success Revealed

So you’re probably in Amway or you’ve just got started as a distributor, and I’m really happy that you’ve found the right business model. However, you may not know about the numerous reps in Amway who get started in this opportunity and struggle (about 95% won’t even break even to cover their autoship).

Network Marketing/MLM is an industry that takes little money to set up and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be able to run a business successfully. Most people join Network Marketing and Amway without knowing how to market it first (they think they’ll figure that out later). The real money comes from knowing how to market your Amway business, and this is what I want to reveal to you as a distributor or someone new to the company.

The most important thing to consider when marketing Amway is that nobody wants to join a business; they want to join a leader who will lead them to success. If you’re focused on marketing your replicated corporate website or handing out “bandit signs” that tell the world how great your pay plan is, this is the fastest way you can possibly go broke in MLM.

Instead, brand yourself as an expert and the leader that your prospects want to sign up with. So long as you’re offering enough value, you will be overwhelmed with prospects asking you about your business and advice with how to build theirs. Doesn’t this sound easier than saying, “my company is better than yours”?

Overall, your success really comes from who you are, as you are selling your energy. People really want to get started with people who are alive with passion for what they are doing. Believe in Amway and its products, just remember to market your value and knowledge (forget selling a business – nobody cares!)

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